Friday, January 22, 2010

An International Visitor

(Contributed by Dr. Jessica Levy)

For the past two months, we have had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Victoria Morales, a veterinarian from Barcelona. Vicky studied veterinary homeopathy in Spain, and interned at two different homeopathic veterinary practices there before braving our weather and joining us in beautiful Blaine, Minnesota.

Vicky has been a wonderful addition to our practice, and we're trying to figure out how to keep her. She brings a fresh perspective to our homeopathic practice, and is proficient in conventional practice as well. Plus, everyone likes her. She meshes well with our staff, our clientele, and our patients.

I'm also impressed by Vicky's tenacity. It doesn't snow in Barcelona, yet Vicky remained calm and just carefully backed her car out of the snow drift it had floated into on our frontage road. She hasn't complained once about our winter weather. The rest of us do. Loudly. Until spring. Which sometimes doesn't come until June.

But I digress. Having Vicky at our practice, with her sweet nature, willingness to pitch in, and natural genius, has made the rest of us better at what we do. Plus, now we have someone to visit in Spain!

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