Monday, July 9, 2007

Farewell, April

(Contributed by Dr. Jessica Levy)

April, our diabetic clinic cat, died over the weekend. She was one of our greatest successes, having been on insulin for most of her life, but maintained for the last year and a half with diet and supplements.

April was the queen of our hospital. The other cats knew to give way when she stalked the hallways. She especially ruled the countertop in Pharmacy, eating unattended snacks, walking on the x-rays, and stretching out on top of everything you happened to be working on.

April, we love you and will miss you.


Anonymous said...

Which cat was April? What color?

Veterinary Questions said...

We will miss you so much April Mae, especially petting your belly causing a sneak attack on my hand. I loved every night putting you away in the cat room and you growling at me angerly or chasing Taffy becuase you had to go to bed for the night. You would crawl into the closed box with the emptie vials and I would panic not being able to find you, but I knew could always find you if I opened the frige door the next morning! You were a tough girl and I miss you so much already! Eric misses you too!
Love, Kenna*

Central Bird & Animal Hospital said...

In response to "which cat," April was a dilute calico, grey and tan, with aqua eyes. She was beautiful!